Raging a heavy extreme of deathcore tainted by blackened elements, Drown In Sulphur have made a name for themselves in the online metal community with their single "An Epilogue to the Arrogant" going viral on YouTube with over 3 million views as of today.

In 2018, the band released their single "Blackwind", confirming their status of promising new deathcore act and bringing them exciting opportunities for the future. Having already shared the stage with bands such as Rings Of Saturn, Aversion Crown, I Declare War, Vulvodynia, A Night In Texas, Carnifex and more, Drown In Sulphur have continued their domination playing festivals across Europe!

Never giving themselves a break, Drown In Sulphur released their new EP "Blackwind"on June 2019 and are working on a cover to be released in the fall.



Mattia Maffioli - Vocals

Simone Verde - Guitar

Massimiliano Foti - Guitar

Enrico Masiero - Bass

Domenico Tamilia - Drums



Leonardo Sergio - Guitar

Mattia Rossi - Bass



It Rises Ep 2015

Blackwind 2019