Slaughter to Prevail are a brutal deathcore band with members from Russia and the United Kingdom formed in 2014. The straight-up brutality of their first EP "Chapters of Misery" received global acknowledgement and the official videos for the songs Hell and Misery hit millions of views on YouTube. Due to their success, they signed to Sumerian Records, an American record label, in 2016 and re-released Chapters of Misery with a new song "As the Vultures Circle" as their debut release under the label. In 2017 Slaughter to Prevail released their first full-length album titled "Misery Sermon" with vocalist Alex says was inspired by the misery and hate in everyday life.



Alex Terible - Vocals

Jack Simmons - Guitar

Misha Petrov - Bass

Evgeny Novikov - Drums



Slava Antonenko - Guitar

Filipp Kucheryavyh - Bass

Anton Poddyachy - Drums



Chapters of Misery EP 2015

Chapters of Misery EP - Rerelease 2016

Misery Sermon - 2017


Photographer: Caleb Arnaud